Ragging is an offence under A.P. Prohibition of Ragging Act 1997, punishable by six months to seven years imprisonment. Abettors will also face similar punishment.

Brief History

History and Architecture

The main building of this college, which was part of the British legacy in India, is a monument of great aesthetic, architectural and historical importance. Commissioned in 1803 for the British resident, J. A. Kirkpatrick, its builder Lt. Samuel Russell of the Madras Engineers, has produced a structure capable of rivaling the Governor's house in Kolcata. It is massive in size and has an opulent fa├žade of massive Corinthian pillars forty feet in height. Two lions guard it across a sixty-foot space of twenty-one marble stairs. As a former British Residency, it weaves its own mystique with galleried halls and drawing rooms, a Durbar Hall of stupendous proportions, painted ceiling, parquet floors of inlayed wood, flanked by tall mirrors. Its landscape is dotted by three arched gateways, named after Lord Roberts, the Commander-in-Chief, Lord Lansdowne, the Viceroy and queen Victoria herself. Its well-fortified outer walls serve as a safe heaven for the young girls studying within. This building is now listed for funding by the World Monument Fund for restoration and modernization.