Ragging is an offence under A.P. Prohibition of Ragging Act 1997, punishable by six months to seven years imprisonment. Abettors will also face similar punishment.

Gold Medals, Rolling Trophies and Prizes

Gold Medals :

1. B.A. Topper :

Mrs. G.Vidyullatha Memorial Gold Medal, instituted by her husband Prof. G. Gopal Reddy, Dept. of Political Science, OUCW, Koti and her sons Hareeshwar & Koutilya, from the academic year 2011-12.

2. B.Sc. Topper :

Mrs. C.Subbayamma Memorial Gold Medal, instituted by her daughter, Dr. C. Hanumayamma, Civil Asst. Surgeon, Osmania General Hospital and Dr C.P. Vardhani, Asst.Professor, Dept. of Physics, OUCW, Koti from the academic year 2011-12.

3. B. Com (Regular)Topper :

Dr. M. Sulochana & Dr.Y. Bhaskar Rao Endowment award ‘ Gold Medal’ instituted by Prof. M. Sulochana (Retired Prof. of Commerce)

4. B. A. Social Sciences Topper :

A Gold Medal for the topper in B. A. Social Sciences ( Economics, History, Communications, Geography, ychiology, Political Science, Sociology, Public Administration, Philosophy instituted by Prof. Pramada Devi Ponugoti former Principal UCW.

5. B. A. Telugu Literature Topper :

5. A Gold Medal for the topper in B. A. Telugu Literature instituted by Prof. Pramada Devi Ponugoti former Principal UCW.

Rolling Trophies and Prizes :

1. Dr. Zakia Sultana Rolling Shield - Geography (I&II)
2. Mrs.Sundaram Rolling Trophy - Chemistry
3. Mrs. Venkatachalam Rolling Cup - Zoology
4. Dr. Vaidehi Rao Memorial Trophy - Chemistry
5. Mrs. Sambhi Rolling Trophy - Physics
6. Ms.Shireen Shroff Rolling Cup - General English
7. Gregor Mendel Rolling Trophy - Genetics
8. Rasheeda Patel's Rolling Cup - Chemistry
9. B.N. Chaturvedi Rolling Shield - Geography
10. Tassaduq Panjatan - Sociology
11. Bilkiz Allaudin Rolling Shield - Best Student in Arabic
12. Mrs. Burns Rolling Cup - Sanskrit (Optional)
13. Dr. Vanaja Ayyangar Rolling Sheild - Mathematics
14. S.M.M. Gupta Shield - Telugu
15. Dr. R. Nagalaxmi Narayan Cup - Hindi (II Language)
16. Dr. Prahlad Dake Rolling Shield - Sanskrit
17. Dr. Nazma Siddiqui Rolling Shield - Persian
18. Prof. Zubaida Azeem Rolling Trophy - Food & Nutrition
19. Rolling Shield for - B.Com. I Year
20. Rolling Shield for - B.Com. II Year
21. Rolling Shield for - B.Com. III Year
22. Rolling Shield for best student - Commerce (Allrounder)
23. Malathi Rolling Trophy - Public Administration
24. Dr. Leela Jyothi Rolling Shield - Hindi (Optional)
25. Mrs. Satyavati Memorial Shield - Physical Sciences I yr
26. Rolling Shield for securing highest marks in B.Com part I & II
27. II Language Rolling Shield for best student in Telugu II Language
28. Constant Gibbs Rolling Cup - History
29. Totaram Sagarlal Rolling Cup - English (Optional)
30. Zakia Sultana Rolling shield - Geography
31. Habib Ria Rolling Sheld - Urdu
32. Mrs. Salamattunisa Rolling Trophy - Economics
33. Smt. Yamuna Devi Rolling Cup - Philosophy
34. Begum Zain Yar Jung Rolling Trophy - Pol. Science
35. Padmavathi Rolling Shield - Psychology
36. Prof.Zeba Basheerudddin's Shield - Best N.S.S. Volunteer
37. Prof. C. Anjali Devi Rolling Shield & Cash Prize for Securing First Rank in M.Sc., Nutrition & Dietetics.