Ragging is an offence under A.P. Prohibition of Ragging Act 1997, punishable by six months to seven years imprisonment. Abettors will also face similar punishment.

Hostel Rules

Hostel Rules

Rules and Regulations
Students admitted in the Hostel MUST follow all Rules and Regulations.
Violation of Rules and Regulations may invite stringent disciplinary action by the administration



  1. Admission to hostels in UCW is ONLY for the Second and Final year UNDERGRADUATE students.
  2. Admission for 2nd year students and  renewal for final year students  will be done EVERY YEAR
  3. Principal / Warden has the right to re-allot or change the rooms for reasons deemed fit
  4. Admissions are strictly based on the accommodation available, distance of residence form Hyderabad and reservation policy.
  5. Students belonging to the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and Hyderabad Urban agglomeration are NOT entitled to hostel accommodation
  6. Students seeking admission to UCW Hostels should apply in the prescribed form within the stipulated time and should follow the counseling schedule and procedures.
  7. At the time of admission stipulated fee should be paid. Fee would be REIMBURSED for the scholarship holders
  8. Hostellers are responsible for any damage to property/equipment being used by them.
  9. UCW has the right to claim damages from the users after assessment of the same by authorities concerned.
  10. A student required to leave the hostel for disciplinary reasons will not have readmission rights or the right to continue.
  11. Persons staying unauthorized will be treated as trespassers and will be produced before a magistrate for offences under Sections 447 and 448 I.P.C. etc. which will affect their prospects of employment and admission to other educational institutions.
  12. Students eligible for BC/SC/ST/OBC scholarships should apply on time. Students are wholly responsible for the submission of on-line scholarship forms with correct details failing to do so they would be treated as Self Paying Boarders  
  13. When a student is admitted to the hostel an Identity Card would be issued which should be produced on demand by any Officer of the Hostel Administration or any person authorized by the Warden / Principal
  14. At the end of the Academic year once the student completes the final year examinations she ceases to be a boarder of the hostel
  1. Right of admission to the UCW Hostel is reserved ONLY to admitted students. 
  2. Boarders need to be in the hostel by 8pm, permission may be given to students pursuing studies by the warden to return by NOT later than 10pm
  3. Disciplinary action may be taken if timings are not maintained
  4. Visitors or Guests CANNOT be entertained in the hostel rooms, in case of any unauthorized person found in the room of the boarder, authorized boarder’s admission is liable to be cancelled
  5. No scholarship amount can be given to the boarder for any personal expenses, not even medical  
  6. No boarder shall cause any disturbance to other boarders
  7. Basic cleanliness needs to be maintained by the boarders of allotted rooms and public utility spaces
  8. Boarders should strictly avoid arguments with the hostel staff on duty. Any misbehavior with the persons on duty will call for disciplinary action
  9. Any complaints against them must be reported to the authorities in writing
  10. No person from outside the college staff shall be invited to address the boarders without prior permission of the Warden
  11.  Any activities to be organized in the hostel shall be ONLY with prior permission of the Warden or the Principal
  12. Students should not use the common area for discussion between 10:00pm and 7:00 am. They
  13. are expected to maintain silence in the rooms after 10:00 pm so as not to disturb other boarders.
  14. Newspapers should NOT be taken to the rooms.
  15. Please do not move any item of furniture/furnishings from rooms or dining areas
  16. Problems of boarders should be brought to the notice of the higher authorities through the Caretakers/Wardens concerned in writing
  17. Any instance of misconduct on the part of the employees of the hostel or fellow boarders should be reported immediately in writing to the Hostel Warden / Principal.
  18. A suggestion book is available with the hostel clerk. Please write down your suggestions/complaints promptly.
  20. Furniture from the common areas like mess or kitchen SHALL NOT be transferred or removed to the residents’ room or outside the building
  21. Services of the hostel employees should not be utilized by the residents for personal work
  22. Students/boarders who complete their examinations should cancel admission to the hostel and vacate the hostel forthwith
  23. Boarders are responsible for their belongings. College will not be held responsible for any theft, loss or damage
  24. Hostels and Messes may be closed by the authorities concerned for such period as they consider necessary
  25. Boarders are requested to use water and electricity frugally
  26. Drinking water SHALL NOT be used for washing, bathing etc.
  27. Dining halls are kept open as per the schedule timings and there are no late meals
  28. FIRE PRECAUTIONS: Boarders are also requested to switch off lights and fans when not in use.
  29. Parents/Guardians of the boarders can visit only during stipulated timings given below:
  30. Weekdays:                                     5to7pm 
  31. Sundays & Public Holidays:                      10am to 1pm   &         5to7pm   
  32. Vacation is of two types; Short Term and Summer Vacation. During the short vacation mess facility will not be available. During annual summer vacation hostels and messes will be closed for all boarders. This would enable vacation to the hostel staff and undertaking repair works, therefore all boarders will have to vacate the hostel.


  1. The boarder shall ipso-facto be a member of the mess attached to the hostel
  2. All Boarders shall avail mess facilities
  3. Mess bill will be uniform for vegetarians and non vegetarians. Minimum bill shall be for 10days uniformly.
  4. Mess bills will be displayed by the caretakers on or before 10th of each month
  5. Boarders in turns shall constitute mess committees for smooth functioning of the messes
  6. Dining halls are kept open as per the schedule timings and there are no late meals.
  7. Any boarder who does not avail Mess continuously for one month and above will forfeit hostel admission
  8. Strict action will be taken against boarders resorting to disobedience or disorderly behaviour in the Mess
  9. NO notice shall be displayed on the Mess Notice Board or Circulated among the boarders without prior permission of the Warden
  10. NO individual boarder or group of boarders will arrange meetings without the permission of the Warden
  11. NO feast or special meals shall be arranged in the Mess without prior permission of the Warden
  12. Liabilities of a Mess, if any, shall be the joint responsibility of all the members of the mess.
  13. The employees of the mess will discharge their duties in accordance with the instructions of the warden.
  14. Ill treatment of the mess workers will be viewed seriously
  15. Food will be served and consumed by the boarders only in the dining hall. Boarders are NOT allowed to have food in their Rooms

Morning Tea    : 7 to 7.30 am
Breakfast         : 7:30 to 9am
Lunch              : 1to 2pm
Evening Tea     : 4 to 5pm
Dinner             : 7.30 to 9pm

  2. On admission to hostel all the students are required to pay the fees irrespective of the category to which they belong to
  3. Dues to be paid by the students concerned will not be allowed to be transferred from one year to another, one course to another, or from one student to other student under any circumstances
  4. Unless the hostel dues are cleared hostel admission will not be renewed
  5. Fee to be paid is under the following heads:

  1. Registration Fee
  2. Deposit
  3. Establishment Charges
  4. Maintenance Charges
  5. Mess Charges

    • Fees / charges are subject to change