Ragging is an offence under A.P. Prohibition of Ragging Act 1997, punishable by six months to seven years imprisonment. Abettors will also face similar punishment.


  • To Create a broad network of former students with the College Liaison Committee.
  • To enable current and future students to interact with the College Liaison Committee on academic, professional, extra-mural and any other appropriate areas of interaction.
  • To involve former students present in the field of academics across the nation/world in Faculty and Student Development Programmes by channeling state of the art knowledge bases .
  • To encourage former students visit to OUCW to address students on their experiences or in special fields of work in which they are involved.
  • To involve former students in fund raising for restoration of heritage building by identifying suitable technologies and experts.
  • To associate alumni in improving college infrastructure such as hostels; class rooms; laboratories; library; sports complex; gymnasium, and health care facilities.
  • To Popularize brand 'Women's College, Koti.