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Commerce Club

Commerce Club: The Department of Commerce has organized commerce club during the year 2014-15, Dr.B Sandhya Rani, Dr. Humaira Begum and Mrs. Rajyalaxmi as the co-ordinators. A number of activities were organized like commerce antyakshiri, PPT presentation, Turn-coat, Jam Session etc. to name a few. All the students of B.Com took part actively and prizes were distributed for the winners of the competitions

Date Activities Winners


Commerce Antyakshiri

Idrija & D. Jhansi & M. Deepti &
Baby Shalini  P. Jhansi   Mounika
(Comp III yr)   (Comp II yr) (Comp III yr)


Powerpoint presentation

S.Hafsa Pracilla Niharika
P.Jhansi  Sumithra   Mounika
III yr (hons)   I yr(Hons) (Comp II yr)


Turn - Coat

Pracilla & Mehraj & S.Hafsa &
P.Jhansi  Farheen   Neetu
I yr(Hons)   III(Com) III(Hons)



Pracilla P.Jhansi S.Hafsa
I(Hons)   II(comp) III(Hons)