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Science Club

Incharge Faculty:

1. Ms.K.S.N.Jyothi, Dept. of Genetics and Biotechnology

2. Ms.Shruti Kabra, Dept.of Food and Nutrition

The Science club was formed in June 2014 with 150 students from various faculties of UG and PG. The members of the club meet every third Saturday of the month and discuss on the recent technological advancements and achievements in various fields of Physical sciences and Life sciences. The following activities were conducted by the science club members in the academic year 2014-15:

  • To initiate the activity of Science Club the students started the kitchen garden in the lawn of Science Block and are involved in its maintenance all through the year.
  • Opportunities in clinical research by Dr. Chandana , Apollo Institute of Sciences – 20-07-14
  • A seminar on Scope of Agri-Business in India by Ms. Lasya from Symbiosis Institute of Pune – 24-08-14
  • All the students of Science Club made interesting models and charts for the open house exhibition held during Navathi Celebrations held during 18th , 19th and 20th September 2014.
  • Quiz competition - 21-02-15

The following activities are proposed by the science club members for the academic year 2015-16:

  • Awareness on Yoga for Good Health- on the Occasion of First International Yoga Day on 21st June 2015 a Yoga Camp was organized for the staff and students of the college.
  • Maintenance of Kitchen Garden
  • Discussion about Scientists and their achievements.
  • Debate on Pros and Cons of various technological advancements.
  • To organize a workshop on “Basic science experimentation” workshop for government school children.
  • To promote the interest in regular updates in Sciences, articles from News papers and magazines will be put up on the Science block notice board.