Ragging is an offence under A.P. Prohibition of Ragging Act 1997, punishable by six months to seven years imprisonment. Abettors will also face similar punishment.

Examination Branch Rules



  1. 75% attendance in each semester is mandatory for eligibility to appear for the examination.
  2. Candidates who have the attendance between 65% and 75% should pay condonation fee of Rs.250/- to appear for examination.

Evaluation of Examination

The evaluation of the candidate’s performance in each subject is based on marks obtained in Internal Assessment (30%) and end semester examination( 70%) both in theory and practicals. In each semester two Internal Assessment Tests are conducted, one objective and one subjective and average of both the test marks is taken as a final mark and added to the end semester examination.


Any student indulging in malpractice such as possession of any written material or any electronic gadgets is strictly punished as per O.U.norms.

Fee structure:

Application Form Rs.100/-
Theory Rs.80/- per paper
Practical Rs. 80/- per paper
Improvement / Backlog Rs.125/- per paper
Revaluation Rs.150/- per paper

Waiver of Examination Fee

The examination fee is waived for physically challenged students, wards of O.U. Employees. No waiver is given for Memo and Provisional Certificate.Foreign Students pay the exam fee at the time of admission therefore they need not pay the semester end exam fee.

No Waiver of fee for Improvement and Backlog Examinations and for Memo and Provisional Certificate.

Practical Examination

In subjects where practicals are a part of the curriculum, practical examinations are conducted in the following way.

Pass and Award of Division

  1. A Candidate shall be declared passed at a semester examination if the candidate has passed in all papers/subjects.
  2. At the end of the IV semester results of Part-I i.e., general English and Second language of I,II,III & IV Semester shall be declared and division awarded as below:
    Above 36% but below 50% - Pass Division
    Above 50% but below 60% - Second Division
    Above 60% - First Division.
  3. At the end of final year results of part-II i.e., all optional papers of Ist, IInd and final years put together is declared and division awarded as below:
    Above 36% but below 50% - Pass Division
    Above 50% but below 60% - Second Division
    Above 60% - First Division
  4. Reduction of 10% pass marks in each subject is given to the students of Hearing Impaired, Orthopedically Handicapped and visually challenged for all the UG Courses.

Rules of Promotion

Following are the Rules of Promotion in UG Courses.

  1. Students of I, III and V semesters will be promoted to II, IV & VI semesters if they have completed their regular course with 75% Attendance and having applied for the examination.
  2. The students of II/IV semester will be promoted to III/V semesters if they have completed their regular course with 75% Attendance and having passed in more than 50% of their subjects. Otherwise they will be detained.

No.of papers / subjects prescribed for I & II Semesters Number of Backlogs permitted
7/8 4
9/10 5
11 / 12 6
13 / 14 7
15 / 16 8
17 / 18 9

Maximum Duration for Completion of Degree Course

  1. The maximum duration for completing a three year degree course is six years (ie three more years after regular course of three years). The rule is also applicable to Readmission Cases.
  2. There will be an examination for I, III, V Semesters, after instruction of 15 weeks in October/ November each year. There is no detention at the end of I, III, V Semesters.
  3. There will be an examination at the end of II, IV, VI Semesters after instruction of 15 weeks in March/April each year. There is detention system at the of II and IV Semesters.
  4. Not more than 50% of backlog papers can be carried forward at the end of every year, i.e., II and IV Semesters.

Improvement & Backlogs

  1. A student who wishes to improve her result is entitled to repeat the examination for improvement in any paper provided she has cleared all the papers relating to that relevant semester. No student carrying backlog is permitted to appear for improvement examination for the relevant semester.
  2. Backlog/Improvement papers of both semesters in a given academic year (i.e., I and II semesters, III and IV semesters, V and VI semesters of an academic year) will be held in March-April, i.e., at the end of the every academic year. No backlog examination will be held at the time of I, III and V semesters except VI semester backlog exam.
  3. Whenever there is a change in syllabus/model paper, the student will be given two chances to clear backlog of that paper under the old syllabus/model paper. The candidate is required to prepare for the examination with new syllabus / model paper.

Medium of Examination

A Student admitted to a particular medium of instruction has to appear for the examinations in that medium only. If for their own reasons they write the examination in another medium, their scripts will not be valued.

Memorandum of Marks

Semester wise Memorandum is issued at the end of each semester. Consolidated memorandum is issued at the end of the course on application by the candidate.

Issue of Transcripts

The examination branch issues the transcripts for the students who wish to apply for other foreign universities for higher studies. The student has to pay Rs.60/- per copy for the first set and subsequent copies for Rs.30/- per copy.

Verification of Certificates

We are delighted to announce the launch an Online Certification Verification System; www.oucwkoti.directverify.in to facilitate expeditious verification of students’ certificates. The increase in counterfeit certificates worldwide has been a major concern over the years and has caused tremendous damages to various institutions. This system will enable Embassies, Organizations and agencies worldwide to verify OU College for Women students certificate online from anywhere in the world to safeguard themselves from the fake document menace. Verification request status can be monitored by using the transaction numbers. Furthermore, net banking, credit cards and debit cards facility is enabled for making payment for raising a request for verification.


The college holds a convocation every year for the Under Graduate Students passed out in the current academic year.

Online Results

The results are declared after Semester end examination online for easy access to students with marks.