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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Report on NAVATHI Celebrations

Osmania University College for Women (Koti) has completed 90 glorious years of service in the field of women education. On this occasion the college has organized the “NAVATHI Celebrations” for three days from 18th September, 2014 to 20th September, 2014.

On this occasion the department of Mathematics & Statistics organized an exhibition by the students with the suggestions from the faculty of the department. The students enthusiastically prepared different models and charts such as

» Towers of Hanoi, Curve tracing.

They exhibited charts for different concepts from Ancient Indian Mathematics such as:

» A Mathematical explanation for Nakula’s extraordinary talent of riding horse without getting wet in rain.

» Expansion of Π value in Sanskrit poems.

» They have organized a TED ED video on Hilbert’s hotel with infinite rooms.

They Prepared models for statistics such as:

» Theoretical Distributions like Binomial and Poisson distributions.

» Correlation and multiple correlations