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Faculty of Science

Department of Botany

Brief Introduction to the subject Botany »

Botany is one of the branches of biological sciences which is known to mankind from time immemorial. The proverb “Vruksho Rakshitha Rakshithah”, emphasizes the importance of plants in human life and the need to study more about plants. Botany and its applied branches has many career opportunities in teaching, research, agriculture, seed companies, pharmaceutical industries etc.,

The Department of Botany, Osmania University College for Women is one of the oldest department established as part of B.Sc, an under graduate program in 1935. A full fledged M.Sc. botany was introduced in 1979, first PG course among all the departments of the college. Presently, the department is offering undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in Botany.

Objectives  of the Botany course »

  • The aim is to impart knowledge and training to equip students in plant sciences.
  • To strive for excellence in the fields of teaching and research.
  • To empower students with information and quality education.
  • To encourage original and innovative thinking among students and develop a cadre of active researchers.
  • To utilize the modern tools of Botany in enriching the potential of traditional knowledge and practices of the plants.

Vision of the Botany course »

  • To develop interest & enthusiasm among the students towards the subject.
  • To attain excellence in teaching & research.
  • To enrich the students through knowledge & information.
  • To enhance and improve the inherent potential of the students.
  • To cultivate ethical values and make responsible citizens.

Profile of Botany Department »

Botany is the biggest department of the college with 11 faculty members and 12 supporting staff.  All the teaching faculty is actively involved in research. The department has organized many  seminars, conference, awareness programs  and guest lectures  to update the students with latest developments in Botany.  Eminent personalities have been associated with the departmental activities. Few of them are Bharat Ratna Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, Hon’ble Former President of India; Padma Vibhushan  Prof.Yash Pal, Former UGC Chief;   Dr. Karl Kruszelneiki, Australia Nobel Prize Winner;   Dr.William D. Dar,   Director General, ICRISAT;  Padma Vibhushan  Dr.P.Rama rao, Former Secretary, DST;    Dr.V.S. Rama Devi,   Former Governor of Karnataka,  Padma Bhushan Dr.P.M.Bhargava,  Founder Director CCMB;  Dr. CH Mohan Rao, Director,  CCMB;  Dr.B.Sesikaran,  Director, NIN;  Dr.Mahtab S.Bamji,  INSA Honorary Scientist,; Prof.A.R.Reddy, Vice-Chancellor, Yogi Vemana University.

The department is conscious of its social responsibility and organized many programs like Tree Plantation program, Rain water harvesting, Vegetable dyes and Awareness on adulterated foods. The faculty of Botany with their potential research background attracted the funding in the form of major and minor research projects from various organizations like UGC, DST, DBT etc. The 4 permanent faculty members are recognized research supervisors for guiding Ph.D. students. The teaching faculty of this department has bagged several honours and awards in recognition of their meritorious credentials.

Courses offered at UG and PG : BOTANY

UG. The Botany is offered as one of the subject in B.Sc along with the combination of Biotechnology & Genetics, (G&BT), Food Science Management (FSM) and Food & Nutrition. The admission into this course is based on the merit as per the rules and regulations of the college. Board of Studies (BOS) will meet regularly to review the syllabi and update as per the further requirements of the students. Extensive exercise is going to introduce the CBC S system from next academic year i.e 2015 to 2016 as per the guidelines of the UGC.

PG: The number of seats in M.Sc. botany is 25 and filled based on the merit according to the guidelines of the Osmania University.  The specialization offered at M.Sc is Applied Mycology and Molecular Plant Pathology, with an elective of  Horticulture and Plant breeding as one of the Inter discipline   centric as part of CBCS system. Beside theory and practical examination, assignment submission and seminar presentation by the students is included as part of the curriculum

Certificate Course on Biofertilizers  and Its Application  is offered by Dept. of Botany for UG students from the year 2016..  This course is of Three months duration   and with  four credits.

Departmental Library »

The Botany departments has a departmental seminar Library with a collection of 2,750 books , in addition to the central  library in the college campus.  Books related to the courses and reference books are made available to the students. All the students, research scholars and teaching staff will avail this facility and also at the General Library located at main campus of Osmania University. Botany department also subscribes some of the National and International Journals which are useful to the research students.

Infrastructure »

The department has good laboratory facilities catering to the need of UG, PG and research scholars of Botany. There are around 120 microscopes and each student will handle the microscope individually during the practical classes.  The labs are also equipped with various instruments to suit the needs of PG and Doctoral students

Botanical Garden »

The department of Botany has around 4 acres of Botanical garden, with rich flora of native plants, herbs and medicinal plants. Each year new plants are added to the existing garden as the students and faculty visit the Institutions, Horticulture exhibitions and melas to collect various plants. Apart from this, the plants are also established in the garden by organizing tree plantation programmes . Within the botanical garden, a green house is established to grow the plants under suitable environmental conditions. A good collection of herbarium of flowering plants has been maintained by the department.

Future Plans »

  • Planning to introduce certificate courses on Mushroom Cultivation, Horticulture, Organic farming to develop entrepreneurship among students.
  •  Expansion of existing Botanical Gardens by adding many medicinal, aromatic & other rare plants.
  • Up gradation of UG, PG & Research Labs by adding latest equipments.

To strengthen the basic & applied research in botany   by developing Mushroom cultivation unit, Biofertilizer  unit and  Tissue culture Lab.

Faculty profiles »

Mrs. Radhika Devi, M.Sc. (Ph.D.)
Associate Professor & Incharge-Head
Email ID: radhikabsg@gmail.com
Mobile no: +91 9247479463

Mrs. Radhika Devi, presently working as Associate Professor and Head, Dept of Botany, Osmania University College for Women, Koti, Hyderabad. She successfully completed the headship from 2014-2016.She joined this prestigious institution as a Assistant Professor in the year 1991 and continued till date. She has more than 24 years of Teaching experience to both the level at UG and PG. Her field of specialization is Mycology, Plant Pathology, and Environmental Mycology. She has published around 10 research papers in National and International Journals. She also worked as hostel Warden for more than Five Years at Osmania University College for Women, Koti, and Hyderabad. She organized teacher training workshop for one week in Aug, 2015.She organized two days workshop on Science Academies Lecture workshop on Plant Taxonomy in NOV, 2016.

Prior to join in Osmania University, She worked as Technical officer III at Govt. of India, Ministry of Agriculture, Directorate of Plant Protection Quarantine and storage, Chennai from 1989 to 1991. She has Attended various Programs in related area to update latest knowledge in research and teaching. She has also attended refresher courses, Orientation Programms and work-shops conducted by Academic staff college O.U. Hyderabad and other institutions.

She has successfully completed Nanotechnology Sensitization Programme in the year 2009 conducted by Nano science and Technology Consortium, Noida, U.P. She is a Member of BOS, Dept. of Botany, O.U.C.W. Koti, Hyderabad, and member of Departmental Committee, Dept.of Botany, O.U, since 1994 till date. She is a Life Member of Fellow of Society of Environment Sciences.

Dr.A. Sabitha Rani, M.Sc. Ph.D.
Head , Dept. of Botany
Email ID: sabitaammana@yahoo.com
Mobile no: +91 9290609610

Dr.A.Sabitha Rani is presently working as Head, Dept. of Botany, University College for Women (UCW), Koti. She obtained her Ph.D from the Centre for Plant Molecular Biology (CPMB), Dept. of Genetics, Osmania University and joined the University in 2007 as Assistant Professor in Botany. Prior to this, she worked as Post Doctoral Fellow in Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad from 2001 to 2007.

She has meritorious academic record with National Merit Scholarship in S.S.C, 2 gold medals from Kakatiya University, Warangal ( 1st rank in M.Sc. Botany and highest marks among all women candidates). She was awarded with Young Scientist (2001) and Women Scientist Projects (2003) from Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi.

She is an active researcher, published 44 research papers in National and International Journals and contributed many book chapters. She has completed 4 major research projects funded by DST (2), UGC (2) and one UGC-MJRP is ongoing. She has organized three National Conferences and 2 National Workshops. She presented around 45 research papers in National and International conferences in India and abroad [Charleston, USA (2009); Beijing, China (2010) ; Dhaka, Bangladesh (2012); Seattle, USA (2012) ; Kuwait (2013) ; Colombo, Srilanka (2014), Dallas, USA (2016) and Cairo, Egypt (2017)].

She is associated with many activities of dissemination of scientific knowledge i.e guest lecturers, resource person for workshops & training programs, Radio Broad casting of Science lectures (Vigyan Prasar, New Delhi), TV Broadcasting of Video lesson and Teleconference live organized by BR Ambedhkar Open University, Hyderabad.

She is the member for various science activities i.e Jury for INSPIRE Science programs, Animal Ethics committee of Gandhi and Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad. Also member of many academic bodies like Indian Women Scientists Association, Indian Botanical Society, Tissue culture Association of India, Society for In vitro Biology (International) and Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD). She was elected as Associate Fellow of AP Academy of Sciences in 2012.

She attended several training programs to update the recent developments in the area of plant biotechnology. Two students have been awarded Ph.D under her guidance and presently six students are working for the Ph.D program. Her research interests are mainly on medicinal plants i.e. Tissue Culture studies, Isolation and Bio-evaluation, chemical and molecular characterization of medicinal plant products.

Dr. Neeti Saxena, M.sc, Ph. D
Assistant Professor
Email ID: neetiasthana@gmail.com
Mobile no:

Dr. Neeti Saxena is Assistant Professor in Department of Botany. Dr. Saxena has 31 years of teaching experience in both undergraduate and post graduate classes, more than 30 years of research experience. She has published 14 papers in National & International Journals and presented more than two dozen papers in National & International seminars. In the year 2011 she presented a paper in an international conference held at New Delhi and in 2013 she visited United States of America to present a paper in Plant Biology Conference held in Austin. Her research interests fetched her Major Research Project UGC, New Delhi, which she has successfully completed in January 2013. Dr. Neeti Saxena specializes in Seed Pathology and has recently contributed work on toxins of spices from India. She has 7 research scholars who are registered for Ph.D on interesting topics pertaining to post harvest studies of seeds. She had written a chapter in Phyto chemistry and Pharmocological Profiles in Volume 1. She also organized one day work shop on Choice based credit system- Relevance, Review and implementation. As a Coordinator, Student Councilor, Staff Secretary and Student Advisor she contributed her services to this college. Presently she is Controller of Examinations, with qualities of punctuality commitment and passion towards teaching she works hard to ensure that the students get their due.

Assistant Professor
Email ID: amenabarkat@Yahoo.com
Mobile no: 9490933816

Presently working as Assistant Professor in Department of Botany at University College For Women , Kothi(OSMANIA UNIVERSITY), Hyderabad , Telangana state. As an Osmanian, successfully completed B.Sc , M.Sc & Ph.D from Osmania University. Teaching experience of more than 24 years for both U.G & P.G at University college for Women,Kothi ( Osmania university ) and Research Experience of more than 28 years in the field of Mycology and Plant Pathology with several papers published in reputed Journals. Also worked as Assistant Academic Co-Ordinator and as Hostel Warden at UCW,Kothi, Hyderabad. Presently supervising 5 Ph.D scholars.

Dr. I. Sobha Rani, M.Sc. Ph.D.
Assistant professor (C)
Email ID: isobharani6@gmail.com
Mobile no: 7842842146

Working as faculty member taking U.G and P.G classes for the past 17 years, specialization in mycology and plant pathology. Doing research for the past 25 years. Has published 10 papers in various national and international journals. Published a book on flora of OUCW.

Dr. M. Dorcas, M.Sc. Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Email ID: munagaladorcas@gmail.com
Mobile no:

Dr. M. Dorcas (c) is Assistant Professor in Department of Botany. Dr. M. Dorcas is a able teacher having a good experience. She is completed her M.Sc in Botany (Specalization in cytogenetics) and Ph.D from Osmania University She has experience in both undergraduate and post graduate classes as well as research experience. She has published papers in National & International Journals and attended National & International seminars.

Dr. S. K. Shiva Rani, M.Sc. Ph.D.
Email ID: shivaranipalancha@yahoo.in
Mobile no:9553444585

Dr. S.K. Shiva Rani working as a faculty in the department of Botany, with twelve years of teaching experience. She is taking both U.G & P.G classes. She attended, presented papers in the international, national conferences and workshops. She published papers in reputed journals.

Assistant Professor (c)
Email ID: sulakshanasagar@gmail.com
Mobile no: +91 9553396704

Dr.G.SULAKSHANA, is presently working as an Assistant Professor (c) in department of Botany, University College for Women, Koti, Hyderabad. She joined this institution as assistant professor (c) in year 2006.She has a teaching experience of 11 years. Her field of specialization is Mycology and Plant Pathology. She published around 12 research papers in national and international journals. She is activity involved in research and training programmes. She is a member of BOS,Dept. of Botany,U.C.W,Koti,Hyd.

Mrs. B. MANJU, M.Sc.,B.Ed.
Asst.Professor[C] Environmental Science
Email ID: manjuevs08@gmail.com
Mobile no:+91 9494565873

She is pursuing Ph.D. [Part time] under the guideship of Prof.Mary Esther Cynthia in Osmania Univ. College for Women,Koti.She has been teaching Environmental Studies for U.G. i.e., B.A. , B.Sc & B.Com at O.U. C.W. Koti since 2008. She has 8 years of teaching experience at OUCW. She has done her Masters in Environmental Science from University College of Science O.U. She has undergone 3 months training programme on “ Remote Sensing & GIS – Technology & Applications “ at National Remote Sensing Centre [NRSC], Balanagar,Hyd. She has done a project on “ Biohydrogen production from Anaerobic treatment of Diary wastewater “ at IICT, Hyd as part of her PG. She has also done Bachelors degree in Education.,B.Ed.She has also attended conferences & workshops on science within the city.

LAXMI POORNIMA CHAWHAN, M.Sc (Environmental Science)(O.U)(Ph. D).
Assistant Professor(c)
Email ID: poornima2022@gmail.com
Mobile no: 9963040045

Working as a Assistant Professor(c) (ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES) Osmania University College for Women, Koti,Hyderabad from 2008 till date. Hostel warden at Campus Hostel for Women – Osmania University from june 2013 to june 2014.Member of Eco club at University college for women.ACHIEVEMENTS: Ranked 9th in Japan Karate Association of India for holding diploma in study of ART,on 13th jan 1996. Placed 1st in the event “ANDHRA NATYAM”on A.P formation day 1996-97. Placed 2nd in 9th All India J.K.A.I Open Martial Arts Championship on 2nd and 3rd sept 1995. Participated in 10th International Film Festival-HYDERABAD, for children and young people held in Hyderabad,INDIA from 14th -23rd November 1997 organised by the National Centre of Films for Children and Young People and A.P state Film Development Corporation. CONFERENCE ATTENDED: National conference on Environmental issues and challenges-21st century(28-29,March 2008) held in OSMANIA UNIVERSITY. Two day National conference on women and science organized by department of Botany, Osmania University on 8th and 9th May 2010 at Hyderabad. National conference on Problems of Farming Community: Reasons & Remedies by Department of Botany, OUCW, Koti, held on 30th September 2010. Seminar on ‘Advanced Research Trends in Medical Biotechnology’, department of genetics, OUCW, koti, Hyderabad on 5th march 2011. Participated in Orientation Course in English Foundation organized from1st july 2011 to 29th july 2011 sponsored by UGC at UGC-ASC. Workshop on Techniques in Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology in April 2012. Participated in two day National conference on Declining Interest in Science Education and Research Among Students: Reasons and Remedies held on 29th-30th march,2013 at IICT, Hyderabad. Participated in the Science Academies’ lecture workshop on “Recent Advancement in Environmental Sciences in sustaining Natural Resources and Maintaining Healthy Livelihood” organized by dept. of Physical Sciences, St. Pious X Degree & PG College for Women, Nacharam, Hyderabad. Participated in the National Conference on New frontiers in Medicinal plants Research (NCMP 2015) organized by the Depatment of Botany,OUCW,Koti,Hyderabad held during February 26-27 2015.